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Fitting and Size Charts

Size Ranges and some additional guidelines for fitting

We carry different ranges of sizes to help you get the best fit for your student. Please contact us if you have any questions. 


Please note these are guidelines and standard practice is that production tolerances allow +/- 1/2". Fit is also determined by the style and how a person wears the garment. For example, The required size will vary if the garment is worn at the waist or the hips which is a personal preference. If you need to measure, please consider how the person expects to wear the garment. If you have any doubt, we recommend that you come to our store for a fitting, especially the first time fitting. 

Please remember that decorated garments are not returnable or exchangeable since they are custom decorated. You are welcome to request that a garment be left blank to confirm fit. You can then return it so the decoration may be applied or you can return or exchange it for a different size subject to our return policy. If you bring the garment into our store for decoration, most times we can decorate while you wait depending on current volume and production. Please call ahead to confirm a wait time. 



Measurement Guide and Size Charts 

Click this link for a document describing how to take measurements of your student along with size charts for various garments. Please see below for more information on size ranges.


How to Measure Videos for Boys

How to Measure Videos for Girls

Click one of these links for videos showing how to take measurements of your student. You can use the size charts to translate your measurements to clothing sizes.


Fitting App for Uniforms

Click this link for an online app that will translate measurements to clothing sizes for our uniforms. This application is currently in beta stage and is limited to certain garments. Feel free to test drive it and we'd appreciate to hear your feedback. To be sure of the size, we'd recommend that you still come if for a fitting or use the size charts to verify.