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Customer support and FAQs

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We're happy to answer questions or provide help. If you cannot find the information on the site or have questions or comments, you can contact us using the form to the right side of this page, contact us directly via text, email, or phone, or create a service ticket through this web site. 

Click here to request order status

For other questions, email is our preferred contact method [email protected]

Our telephone number is (619) 466-5437 and our text number is (844) 560-6477


If you have an online account with us, you can create a service ticket and progress is tracked in your account. Log in to your account and choose "My Tickets" where you can see submitted tickets or create a new one. 

Please also review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

1 Store Hours
1.1 What are your hours ?

Please check our current hours of business

1.2 Are you open on holidays ?

Most holidays fall on days we are not open. We may close for additional days depending on the holiday and year. You can see our planned closures for this year here

2 Location Information
2.1 How do I get to your store ?

We are freeway close to most of the county and the directions depend on where you are coming from. We are located at the corner of La Mesa Blvd and Spring Street in La Mesa. Click here for directions.

2.2 Where can I park ?

There are many places to park near our store. You can look here for a map.

There is limited parking along La Mesa Blvd in front of the strip mall. In addition, there is a large covered parking structure behind our store under the condos, and additional parking lots adjacent to that. You may also park on Date Ave. 

2.3 Where are you located ?

We are located at the corner of La Mesa Blvd and Spring Street in La Mesa. Click here for more detail

3 Appointments
3.1 What should I do to prepare for my appointment ?

Please review your school uniform program before the session and set your priorities for fitting. Your program is shown on the shopping page for your school based on class and gender. Please contact us if you need help with your program.

3.2 What do I do when it's time for my appointment ?

When it's your appointment time, please check in at the cashier station. When the dressing room is available, we will direct you to a dressing room and ask that your party remain there while being fitted. We will retrieve the items you need for trying on. 

3.3 Is there a time limit for my fitting appointment ?

We reserve the right to limit occupancy of a fitting room to 15 minutes per student to accommodate as many families as possible.

3.4 What do I do after my fitting appointment ?

After your fitting appointment, you are welcome to purchase the items at our check out. You will take the completed items with you and will tell the cashier about any out of stock items. We will hold items requiring decoration for later pickup or shipping and you will take the items that are completed.

You are also welcome to order the items online to avoid waiting for a cashier. Please make note of the sizes you have determined, we cannot track your selections and sizes. 

4 Shipping Questions
4.1 How do I add shipping to an order I already placed ?

If you have already placed an order, and now want to ship the item, you can add shipping as follows:

1) From our home page, choose "Add On Services", then "Shipping" or use this link https://www.myschoolsuniform.com/shipping.html 

2) Choose the quantity of shipments - most likely it will be one, then add to cart. 

3) Proceed to checkout and check out as normal. When you choose a shipping method, choose pickup in store so it doesn't add additional shipping charges. Please note the order that this shipment will be assigned to. 

5 Paying with credit cards
5.1 Do I have to make payment when I order ?

Payment is required at the time of order. Making a payment requires a valid card and will require the security code, expiration date and the billing address. The billing address is the address that the card issuer has on file for you. This may be different from the shipping address or where you want the order shipped. 

If any of these authentication items are incorrect or don't match, the payment will be declined. If the payment is declined, the order will be held as "awaiting payment". You will receive an order confirmation but not a payment confirmation. If payment is not made, you will receive a reminder that payment is due. If payment is not made within two weeks, the order will be cancelled. 

Please see other knowledge articles for information on how to correct payment card information. 

We also accept cash payments in our store but do ot accept checks for payment. 

5.2 What is my billing address ?

In order for the processing company to approve your credit card for the purchase, the billing address entered on the order must match the address used by your bank. If the address doesn't match, the transaction will be declined.

5.3 Can I ship to a different address than my billing address ?

You may ship to a different address than the billing address. The billing address must match the address that the card issuer has on file for the card. You may enter a different shipping address. You may also choose to pick up in store and in this case, the shipping address is not used but must be entered to complete the order. 

Please note that we only ship within the United States.

5.4 What is the CVV ?

A CVV is a special code that is only printed on the physical card. This is for fraud protection of your card information. The CVV entered must match the other card information such as card number and expiration date. Usually, this is a three digit code printed on the signature line of your card. For American Express cards, thsi is a four digit number printed on the front.

If this code is not provided or is incorrect, the transaction will be declined.

5.5 What if I enter incorrect card information ?

If you are checking out and you enter incorrect information. The system will display a message that the transaction has been declined. You can enter the correct information and resubmit it for payment. 

If you are using the correct card information but the transaction is still declined, there may be a mismatch between the billing address entered and the address your bank has on file. 

Please see the FAQ page for changing your billing address, this cannot be corrected at time of checkout. 

5.6 How do I change my billing address on my order ?

If the billing address entered on the order does not match the credit card information or you have changed your address. There are multiple steps to change the address and make it effective.

You'll need to replicate the original order, change the billing information, and resubmit it. Following are the steps. 


a) On our web site, or in the order confirmation, there is a link to access your online account. If you ordered as a guest and didn’t create an account, you will have to create an account with the same email address, and merge the order with the new account.

b) On your account, you can view and edit the billing address. Change it to match what your bank has on file. Save the changes. If the shipping and billing address are NOT the same, please make sure the  check box for "Ship to same address" is not checked so you will have two addresses on the order.

c) Next, you can view your order history. It should have the status of  awaiting payment. Click on “view” for that order.

d) Scroll down through the order, at the bottom there is a button “reorder”. This will copy the contents of the pending order into a new shopping cart. Make sure your cart starts empty – unless you want to purchase additional items - this action will add the contents to whatever is there. 

e) Checkout the new cart. Double check the billing address – it should have the corrected info. If it still shows the old info, you can update it here for this new order. Remember there is a billing address and a shipping address, which can be the same or different. 

f) Complete the payment information as before. You should receive an order validation and a payment validation email. 

g) Please note on the order comments that this is a duplicate order and we'll delete the original order. 

6 Uniform Fitting
6.1 How do I properly fit my student ?

Please review our fitting guidelines.

Please be aware of how your student will wear the garments and adjust your measurements accordingly. For example, some may wear their pants on the hips and other may wear pants at the waist. This will result in a very different measurement. Also consider how your student feels about clothing - some may prefer loose fitting garments and other may prefer them to be tighter. 

6.2 What is the difference between size ranges ?

We offer different size ranges to accommodate the various shapes and sizes of students. Please review the size charts for measurements.


6.3 What if I cannot bring my student for a fitting ?

We strongly recommend an in-person fitting, especially for students new to our uniforms. Even though garments may have the same size on the tag, actual measurements may vary between different manufacturers. The size may also seem different based on the cut of the garment and how the student wears it. 

If you cannot come in for a fitting, please check out our fitting section.

You are welcome to purchase an item without a logo to take it home and fit your students there. You may exchange the items if they don't fit. You can then return it and we can add the logo after you have been able to confirm the size. 

You may also consider purchasing a single piece so you have a try on sample and then order more of that size or change the size for the next order. 

6.4 What is the difference between fit or size ranges ?

We carry different ranges of sizes to help you get the best fit for your student. Please visit the size charts for more details or contact us if you have any questions. 

  • For boys, we carry Regular boys sizes, slim boys sizes, husky and mens sizes. Regular and slim are numeric sizes. Husky are waist sizes. Regular, slim and husky are a standard length and come with an elastic adjustable waist. A husky will be shorter than Regular for the same waist. Slim will be longer than Regular for the same waist. 
  • For girls, we carry regular and slim girls sizes, half and junior (or teen) sizes. Half sizes are not in-between sizes but a different size range. A half will be shorter for the same size waist. Juniors are generally for older girls.
7 Returns
7.1 What is your return policy ?

Our general policy is to allow returns for new items with original tags, unworn and unwashed, within 30 days. However, many items are decorated and so may not be returned. Please check here for more detail.

7.2 How can I return an item ordered online ?

You can request a return merchandise authorization (RMA) for an item purchased online. Log into your online account or use the link from the order confirmation. Select the order and the items you are requesting to return. We will reply with an authorization and may request additional information. Please use the RMA number when returning merchandise so we can track it. Please check here for more detail.

You may also return an item directly in our store.