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Fitting and Size Charts

Size Ranges and guidelines for fitting

Click link below for size charts.

Manufacturer's sizing will vary even though they may have the same size tag, especially for youth sizes. Sizes vary based on their history, how the garment is cut, the fabric, and how they design the garment to be worn. The most accurate way to determine a size is to have your student try on the garment in our store, and consider how your student wears the clothing and feels about the clothing. 

A less accurate alternative would be to measure your student and use the size charts below to determine the correct size. Keep in mind that a size chart doesn't show every dimension so there is some remaining unknowns. This page offers some guidelines in how to measure your student.

We carry multiple different ranges of sizes to help you get the best fit for your student. Please contact us if you have any questions. Please note that the sizes tags may overlap but the garments will be very different so keep track of the size range you are measuring for. 


Please note these are guidelines and industry practice is that production tolerances allow +/- 1/2" due to the way fabric patterns are cut. Fit is also determined by the style and how a person wears the garment. For example, The required size will vary if the garment is worn at the waist or the hips which is a personal preference. If you need to measure, please consider how the person expects to wear the garment. If you have any doubt, we recommend that you come to our store for a fitting, especially the first time fitting. 

Please remember that decorated garments are not returnable or exchangeable if they are custom decorated which includes a school logo. You are welcome to request that a garment be left blank to confirm fit. You can then return it so the decoration may be applied or you can return or exchange it for a different size subject to our return policy. If you bring the garment into our store for decoration, many times we can decorate while you wait depending on current volume and production. Please call ahead to confirm a wait time. 


Click these links for a document describing how to take measurements of your student along with size charts for various garments.

Measurement Guide and Size Charts for A+ 


Measurement Guide and Size Charts for Classroom