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Due to supply chain delays and reduced staffing levels, our order fulfillment has been significantly delayed. Please use the form below and we will provide you a status within 72 business hours. We apologize for the delays in filling orders and communication. 

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To find your online order number, please check your order confirmation that was emailed to you when you placed the order. The format is ORDxxxxx

To find your in-store ticket number, please reference the sales receipt you received wen you made the purchase. The number is the last 5 digits of the number printed on the ticket. 

If you don't have your order or ticket number, please enter 00000 but this may delay your response. 

If you received a payment reminder notification, the most likely cause is that the billing address used doesn't match the address on file with your card provider. Please check FAQ item 5.6 for more information.